Stillwater Development



The founding principals of Stillwater Development, Peter Adams and Christopher Allen, combine their love of the outdoors with over 50 years of investment analysis, asset management and development expertise to create an investment vehicle that helps preserve the fast-disappearing Western landscape. They specialize in locating and acquiring uniquely situated, undervalued ranches and in-fill properties in certain growth towns, and transforming them into value-added, conservation-based investments.

While investment in recreational ranch properties and migration into certain growth towns in the West has increased dramatically over the last five years, real estate practices in these markets remain inefficient. Stillwater applies commercial standards of real property analysis and sophisticated insight not commonly available in this emerging field of conservation-based investment.

The goals of conservationists and real estate investors typically occupy opposite ends of the ecological and economic spectrum, creating a predicament for environmentally concerned investors. Stillwater resolves this dilemma by offering an integrated investment option that is both environmentally and financially rewarding. The convergence in a single investment vehicle of restoration and conservation objectives on the one hand, with development and investment objectives on the other, distinguishes Stillwater from other real estate investment vehicles.

Stillwater Development seeks financially qualified investors who desire a reasonable rate of return for real estate-based investments, and the additional reward of socially responsible, green investments in ranches and western communities with extraordinary aesthetic, historic and conservation potential. Acquisition criteria focus on properties where Stillwater would be able to add value through the application of sophisticated real estate analysis and management, with the goal of re-selling at a profit in markets with demonstrated upward velocity. Stillwater also offers sophisticated advisory services for clients seeking intelligent real estate solutions.