Stillwater Development

So the search for the right place becomes an exercise of discipline, of honed senses, of keeping in mind those particular attributes that create value in support of conservation motives.

Following a 1908 hiking trip with Glenn Allen, Chris’ grandfather, John Muir wrote, “May we find opportunity for many more of the same fine wild saunters.” After the culmination of a thorough ranch tour, the land itself should invite just that, another “fine wild saunter.” If it doesn’t, we move on. Of the 40-plus ranches we have visited since 2004, just five seemed to make that suggestion, and we were able to enter into escrow on only three of them. And only three properties of an in-fill or community development nature have seriously piqued our interest. Quality properties that meet our standards are few and far between, but they are out there if one looks hard enough.

We believe it’s essential that we bring to bear sophisticated commercial real estate standards of analysis to every property that we investigate. We are proud of the disciplined process Stillwater uses to identify and assess the unique properties we seek.

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