Stillwater Development

Ranches and other projects of the quality Stillwater seeks are few and, literally, far between. We start by staying in touch with the top ranch brokerage professionals, as well as in-town brokers in certain western towns; local land trust employees and board members; leading national conservation groups and statewide conservation organizations such as California Trout; land use attorneys, architectural land planners, civil engineers and hydrologists; land and ranch owners themselves; and even friendly competitors in our small, fraternal group of conservation-based developers.

When conducting a property evaluation, we stress the following key property attributes:

Appreciation potential;

Aesthetic qualities and ambiance;

If the property is a ranch, the recreational experience, such as a fly fishery or upland game habitat;

If the offering is an in-fill property, socio-economic trends and market direction;

Nearby amenities such as an historic town with great restaurants;

Location factors including general aviation airports and ease of commercial air access.

We review details about each property in advance of our trips. Noting issues related to our key objectives, we obtain maps of the subject property, nearby landmarks and areas of development.